Commitment to Advancing Patient Health through Technology-Enabled Care
At Wellness Connection we are deeply committed to facilitating healthcare providers in leveraging technology for remote patient monitoring with the goal of improving patient health outcomes, increasing the efficiency of patient care, and providing a holistic wellness journey.
Join EMPWR, a leading remote patient monitoring platform revolutionizing healthcare delivery.
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Real-time Monitoring
Timely detection of any irregularities or critical changes to a patient’s health between patient visits allows healthcare providers to intervene promptly.
User-friendly Interface and Patient Engagement
Features such as personalized health dashboards, educational resources, and interactive tools can enhance patient engagement, leading to better health outcomes.
Unlock new Revenue Streams
Our advanced solutions not only enhance patient care but also empower your clinic to generate additional revenue. Stay ahead in the evolving landscape of healthcare economics with our RPM solution, where care meets profitability.
RPM Revenue Opportunities
Earn around $175 per patient in a month. With 100 patients enrolled, unlock an additional $210,000 annually.
* Figures are averages across commercial payers
Enhancing Health Performance:
Insight-Driven Patient Care

Over 1,500 patients are monitored and tracked for various well-being metrics, including mood, sleep patterns, daily steps, journaling activities, and meditation hours.


We collaborate with 14 healthcare providers, who leverage our platform to elevate the quality and efficiency of care provided to the patients.


Our providers can consistently achieve an average monthly revenue of up to $175 per active patient, reflecting our commitment to delivering value through our services.


We support over 50 devices that can automatically sync health data for remote monitoring.

Features you will get from our App
We have several features that will make it easier for users to track their health daily.
Integrated Care
Seamless integration of physiological and therapeutic parameters within a singular, comprehensive dashboard. This integrated solution offers a centralized hub, empowering healthcare providers with a holistic perspective on patient health and treatment adherence.
Device Data Connection
Compatibility with a diverse range of monitoring devices and smartwatches from Apple, Google, and Fitbit ensures the automated transfer of health parameters from these devices to the dashboard.
Periodic Assessments
Deliver targeted preventive counseling interventions by leveraging data from periodic assessments integrated into the app and made available to healthcare providers in the dashboard.
Features you will get from our RPM Dashboard
We have several features that makes it easier for providers to remotely stay connected with their patients' health journey
Insights Based on Patient Trends

Gain valuable insights into patient health trends through our remote monitoring. Identify patterns, track medication adherence, and personalize care plans for improved patient outcomes.


Enable timely and targeted interventions with data-driven insights. Adjust treatments, recommend lifestyle changes, and proactively address patient health concerns for optimized care.

Connect with Patients through Chat

Enhance patient engagement and support remotely. Connect with patients through our secure secure messaging interface for real-time interaction, guidance on treatment plans, and addressing inquiries conveniently.


Streamline billing processes for remote monitoring services. Accurately document services rendered, simplify invoicing and ensure compliance with healthcare billing standards.

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